Brand New Feuilleton in the Sorbian magazine of arts about the Stoned Hajtzer. The article will be added in the press section within next few days. Enjoy...
 04/15/12 - 16:42:17 -

Tueday, 13. july 2009 - the stoned hajtzer is announcing:

Modular forms and elliptic curves! Infinite fire revolving around infinite parallels fractals of infinite reality, each cascading, gliding in an infinite wheel. Tell me the true nature of my reality!

Since captain Zitoids attax the world, the sh starts to prepare something like everybody´s doing ... a comeback after six years, as planned. So far it´s not clear which journey it´ll be. We will divert all the power from the main engines to the front guns and summon the 6th dimensional planet smasher...

Do you feel like a bit of fun?
 07/14/09 - 19:57:23 -
We are very sorry but because of massive spam attacks in the lyrics comment section the discussion point is closed... The nihizone is still open, of course, but we were thinking closing this section, too !!!
Mr. Fixer please do not kill us with FUCKIN´ SPAM !!!

Many greetz the Stoned hajtzer
 04/23/07 - 19:32:15 -
Many thanks to Roland Ludwig for his great and positive review of our 2004 output "Nihihu". The full text was added at our press page. Enjoy!
 04/23/07 - 15:35:42 -
At first, a happy 2007 to all of you, even if we’re late in this… we care!
This year won’t be really a sh-one, we’re hardly working on new material to be released in 2010… seems like we’re gonna make it more extreme in all directions, more jazz, more electronica, more choirs, more sex and at least more HEAVY either!
Sure that’s a long time waiting, but don’t worry and check out some nihihu-esque stuff: the wonderfully great “Gloria” from DISILLUSION and the new WALTARI, “Release Date”, enjoyable at end of February.
And some news: sh discovered the web 2.0 and joined myspace and – go for the links.

‘nuff said thus far – keep on däncing, cheers!

Strowo nowo wó flawmu –

sh hordźi prezentuja přechod do noweje doby: sss (syć syweho swěta) 2.0 nětkole tež wot nas za was! Hlejče linki.
Nowu chwalbu nadeńdźeće we rubrice recenzijow, małki tip, tak rjec…
A naposlědk hišč raz a přeco zas: nihi zdar!

Na strowičko!
 01/23/07 - 22:10:37 -
Hallo all,
our lyrics section was filled with life. You can find the lyrics of our "Greetings..." and "Nihihu" album as .pdf files now. Please download and immerse into the deep thoughts of this poems.
 07/21/06 - 15:38:19 -
For songs of the Greetings... and nihihu periode are now scores available as .pdf files.
Some of the scores we split into parts. Please download, practice and play... If there are any troubles do not hesitate to contact us!

Meanwhile, enjoy the very hot summer this year. Try to cool down with relaxed music and cool drinks.

 07/21/06 - 13:34:49 -
Hi there -

new mp3 in different qualities online now: check 'em out and get straight nihihu a bit...
 01/30/06 - 12:38:15 -
there were added new links to reviews for nihihu and greetings...
The translation you will get in a few days...

so stay tune...and keep on nihihu
 01/19/06 - 10:11:40 -
All the best and blast for 2006! Enjoy life...and...keep on jazzing with hajtzer...
 01/01/06 - 13:35:20 -
All Sorbian passages have been translated, some 128 kbit-stuff is comming soon...

Nowostki! Přewožki njech někotremužkuli rozjasnjenje zjednorja… nihi on!
 11/08/05 - 12:42:19 -
As long as our shop is not online yet you can order some stuff right via email:

Boscan(at) or stonedhajtzer(at)
or the old school way postal (see contact)

"nihihu" is only €10, "Greetings..." only €7. Both together available for €15. Clothes on demand... so long, stay tune!
 04/07/05 - 13:21:35 -
New lyrics are included. Please think about them and put forward your opinion as comments...
 03/11/05 - 17:40:57 -